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Pomi d’Umbria is a refined ambiance fragrance that triggers your olfactory memory offering you a moving sensorial emotion so that you can live once more those pathways so dear to you.
10% of the essences used consist of essential precious vegetable oils, with careful dosage so as to create a fragrance that stimulates concentration and relaxation.

Scents of Berry notes, fruity wood and tobacco are set free through a capillarity movement thanks to the thin wooden stems which, imbued in the fragrance, inebriate the room around rendering, at the same time, a sensation of cleanliness. A sensorial experience of quality further enriched by the ceramic caps that recall the shapes of the three ancient fruits of Umbria: The Monteleone Pear, the Conventina Apple and the Merangola.

A ceramic design accessory completely hand made by expert ceramic craftsmen of Umbria using an ancient manufacturing technique, in which the ceramist hand prints on a cast made of chalk.

None of these ceramic keepsakes are similar to each other, each one is individual to itself in such a way
that each Pome represents a unique piece that exalts the love for “Made in Italy”.

The Pome you never expected…

Pomi d’Umbria cap cover is the end product of profound study on ancient fruits of the territory in collaboration with Fondazione Archeologia Arborea.

Once the fragrance is used up you can choose to continue your olfactory trip by using the suitable refill (available in the following formats: 125 ml and 500 ml) or by also using the cover caps as a design accessory.

Discover the ancient fruits of Umbria

The Monteleone Pear

Small and with its curious little beak shape, is how it got its nick name: Duck Pear, typical of the area of Amerino – Orvietano. It is often found on the tables of farmers thanks to its preservation capacity and its ability to create a nourishing meal just with few ingredients.

The Conventina Apple

It takes us to the area of Gubbio, where the Benedictine monks used to cultivate it in the orchards of the convent and families used it as a natural fragrance for home clothes thanks to its well defined scent.

The Merangola

Or Intense Orange, is the ancient pome that shall accompany you to explore the area of Ternano, where you will still be able to find some examples. During Christmastime it was a truly yearned for gift by children.

Words gathered in the fruit grove

Fabiola Trippetti / In viaggio con Fabila • 4th January 2016
Because my Umbria, other than being beautiful, is also perfumed! #pomidumbria Initinere

Debora Pugnali / eVoluptas • 16th April 2016
#pomidumbria the essence of a trip without end in Umbria. A land whose tale is told through two senses: olfactory, thanks to a fragrance thought up in order to accompany you even further than Umbria, and sight, with the wonderful hand craft reproductions in ceramics of the pome autochthonous.
A “Pomi d’Umbria” project, that I really liked so much because it uncovers the senses of Umbria!

Luigia Ruga • 24th June 2016
This morning I went to the National Art Gallery of Umbria for the periodical monitoring quote and what did I see at the Bookshop of Sistema Museo…freshness… perfume… elegance… my compliments.

Mirco Marchetti / L’Orto di Michelle • January 2015
A perfume with emotion and a Duck Pear as a cap…that can be used as a pen holder.

Simona Ortolan / Il Pampano • January 2016
Pomi d’Umbria di #initinere when a fragrance becomes a work of art!

Michela Tiberii, Graphic Design • 19th April 2016
Uncontaminated woods, old boroughs and sweet hills… These are not the words of a story tale, but the scent contained inside this special product: POMI D’UMBRIA by Initinere. Why not suggest it as a wedding present for your wedding? If you like ambiance fragrances and ceramics made in Italy you cannot say no! Many compliments to Simona Checcaglini for the concept!

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