Debora Pugnali / eVoluptas • 16 aprile 2016

Debora Pugnali / eVoluptas • 16th April 2016
#pomidumbria the essence of a trip without end in Umbria. A land whose tale is told through two senses: olfactory, thanks to a fragrance thought up in order to accompany you even further than Umbria, and sight, with the wonderful hand craft reproductions in ceramics of the pome autochthonous.
A “Pomi d’Umbria” project, that I really liked so much because it uncovers the senses of Umbria!

Luigia Ruga • 24 giugno 2016

Luigia Ruga • 24th June 2016
This morning I went to the National Art Gallery of Umbria for the periodical monitoring quote and what did I see at the Bookshop of Sistema Museo…freshness… perfume… elegance… my compliments.

Michela Tiberii, Graphic Design • 19 aprile 2016

Michela Tiberii, Graphic Design • 19th April 2016
Uncontaminated woods, old boroughs and sweet hills… These are not the words of a story tale, but the scent contained inside this special product: POMI D’UMBRIA by Initinere. Why not suggest it as a wedding present for your wedding? If you like ambiance fragrances and ceramics made in Italy you cannot say no! Many compliments to Simona Checcaglini for the concept!